Sunscreen - Use it

Sunscreen, we all need to use it. I have struggled over the past few years to find a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my skin. In this video I share the sunscreens that I have found that I can wear on a daily basis. As someone who burns easy and has had skin cancer I know how important it is to protect your meat suit from the sun. So, I wear a hat, UV blocking clothing, and I have finally found a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my skin. I had to go with a sunscreen not approved by the US yet. I hope that the FDA gets caught up with approving new sunscreen ingredients soon, so that these are more widely available to everyone. For now, I will keep purchasing this Korean Sunscreen.

Lash Curlers Explained

What is up with lash curlers? Why? How? They are not just a torture device. Lash curlers are great for making the eyes look more open, whether you wear mascara or not. There are so many kinds out there that it can get confusing. In this video I will go over the different types and what I kind l like for each shape of eye. 

In order pick the right one for you, analyze the shape of your eye, the depth of where your eyes sit in your eye socket, and the condition of your lash hairs. For most people a classic crimping style eyelash curler will work great. Look for a shape that fits your eye shape. If you have short eyelashes I recommend a “corner” lash curler. If you have fragile lashes I like a heated lash curler on a low heat setting. If you want your curl to last I recommend using a waterproof mascara. 

Big thanks to my daughter and husband for letting me use their eyelashes to test all these on. They both have gorgeous long lashes, but different eye shapes, so I hope that was helpful for you to see. You will see photos with and without masacara. The left eye (their left) is curled, the right eye is not. Mascara used on my daughter is Lune + Aster Formidable Lengthening. Mascara used on my husband is L’Oreal Voluminous.

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