Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial

In this video I will walk you through how to apply my favorite bronze smokey eye look. I have applied this technique on multiple age ranges and skin tones and it always looks great. It’s a simple and beautiful way to really draw attention to and make your eyes pop.

“No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial

A lot of what I do as a professional makeup artist is apply makeup that doesn’t look like there is any makeup applied. Often called “No Makeup Makeup” it is my most requested look. In this tutorial I will share how to apply eye makeup for a “no makeup” look. 

Products and tools needed: 

Eye shadow primer 

2 eye shadow colors - 1 in your skin tone and 1 2-3 shades deeper 

All over shadow brush and crease brush 

Eye liner in a deep brown 

Flat eyeliner brush (optional if using an eye liner pencil) 

Eye Lash Curler 


Bronzer Tutorial

Where does bronzer actually go? Hint: It doesn’t go in the same place as contour. ;) In this tutorial I will show you where to apply bronzer for that perfect summer glow.

Using Format